If Enid Blyton had written The Magnificent Seven… an excerpt.

Rebecca Hutson, a British TV presenter, mistakenly said that Blyton had written The Magnificent Seven. What if she had? An excerpt:

When Chris, Chico and the other chums arrived at the village, they helped the villagers put up special walls and fences to protect them against the bandits. The villagers were only simple Mexican folk, but goodness me how hard they worked and how quick they were to learn.
Chico thought it funny that all the ladies wanted to stay indoors. He laughed when he found out they were afraid Chico and his chums might dirty their dresses and make their hair untidy. The Mexican children were cheerful, barefooted little scallywags, and had the most dreadful table manners. Even so, Chico and the chums shared their food with them. It was good to see them squat in the dusty street and tuck into the delicious lashings of beans that had been roasted on the campfire. One of the ladies, called Petra, liked Chico very much and showed him her castanets.

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